SUBNET selected to manage and secure BC Hydro’s distribution devices

As the smart grid continues its evolution, more and more Utilities are finding the need for a substation automation software solution that can integrate all of the distribution devices within their network into one solution. All of this needs to be done securely with a unifying management platform that can handle a host of different vendor's devices that are typically deployed throughout the power system. This is really an Internet of Things (IoT) play as the requirement is for a powerful solution that supports multi-vendor, multi-function, intelligence electronic devices across distribution and transmission networks.image

This is exactly the situation that BC Hydro found themselves in when they selected SUBNET’s Power System Center. As BC Hydro states in the SUBNET press release: “First and foremost, BC Hydro chose SUBNET because they ensure that we can integrate all of the distribution devices within our network into one solution, regardless of manufacturer, and still be able to support our substation and transmission equipment. We couldn’t find anyone else who could actually do it. The SUBNET product will allow us to, quickly and easily, access and use the device event data, something that has been a difficult, labor intensive and error-prone process in the past.”

We have written about our partner SUBNET Solutions in the past, here and here, and we are delighted to see how they continue to help Power & Utility companies worldwide solve their most complex substation automation needs. You can read the full press release here. – Jon C. Arnold