Webcast Replay - The Future of Enterprise Utility Solutions

When we talk about theFuture of Enterprise Utility Solutions, we cannot have the discussion without addressing Utility Asset Management and the importance of having a scalable and performance oriented architecture to support it. The underlying infrastructure and solutions must work together to allow Utilities to: telvent

- Collect, organize, and exchange data easily

- Transform data into actionable information for faster, better decisions

- Get information in to and out of the field on any device at any time

- Disseminate knowledge where and when it is needed across enterprise boundaries

To make this vision a reality, we have teamed with our global alliance partner Telvent to provide integrated solutions that can help utilities meet these challenges and optimize the use of their assets. By working together to optimize the performance of Telvent’s solutions including the ArcFM Solution on Microsoft SQL Server, Telvent and Microsoft are addressing the most pressing needs of the smart grid age like scalability, response times, security, and total cost of solution ownership.

Our webcast earlier this week demonstrated how the Telvent – Microsoft strategic alliance delivers measurable benefits for Utilities by dramatically improving asset management and how Telvent’s adoption of SQL Server 2008 R2 allows them to offer Utilities solutions built on a comprehensive data platform that provides built-in security, high availability, and superior scalability coupled with robust business intelligence offerings.

We encourage you to view the webcast replay by going here and take a look at the benchmark testing results confirming the scalability, performance, and value of ArcFM Solution running on SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise for Utilities here! – Jon C. Arnold and Larry Kuhl