Webcast: Use of Gaming Technology and 3D Humans to Manage Worker Exposure to Radiation at Nuclear Plants

We have written before about the Kinect effect and how it is spurring innovation in industry and specifically how Kinect adds to utility health and safety record performances in nuclear facilities with our partner Siemens.

We would like to invite everyone to join us for a free webcast on Wednesday, April 24th at 11AM eastern time, presented by Siemens and Microsoft on the “Use of Gaming Technology and 3D Humans to Manage Worker Exposure to Radiation at Nuclear Plants”.  The webcast will be recorded and available for those that cannot attend the live session.clip_image001

As background, Utility workers at nuclear facilities are exposed to radiation that must be kept below certain levels to be considered safe. ALARA, an acronym for “As Low As Reasonable Achievable,” is a principle set forth by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that gives employers an absolute duty to ensure the safety and health of workers in every aspect related to the work in radioactive environments.


During this webcast Siemens PLM Software and Microsoft will examine the unique challenges utilities face when training for and planning ALARA human work processes. A special guest speaker from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) will talk about the ground breaking work they did to create an algorithm to estimate radiological dosage in nuclear plants. Siemens PLM Software and Microsoft will discuss commercial off the shelf software available today to help utilities improve employee health and safety programs by utilizing advanced IT tools for ALARA planning, while also improving work efficiency in the plant. Demonstrations will include Siemens PLM Software’s work planning application Tecnomatix with “Jack and Jill”, the virtual humans and the Kinect for Windows system.

This is a great example of innovation in industry and we hope you can join us! – Jon C. Arnold