Microsoft Open License Basics – You only need 2 computers to qualify for Volume Licensing

Here is a misunderstanding I come across from time to time. I will be talking with a Partner or see a conversation between a couple of Partners and someone will say something like, “My client does not qualify for Volume Licensing because they don’t have 5 computers,” or “My client is not big enough for Volume Licensing.” At Microsoft, our Volume Licensing programs, such as Open License and Open Value, are designed to be available to clients that have as few as two (2) computers. How? Let me show you:

Both the Open License and Open Value licensing programs require a minimum order of five (5); however, it is not 5 computers, it is 5 Licenses (for Open License) or 5 Licenses+Software Assurance or Software Assurance alone (for Open Value). In fact, here is an example of how a two computer company could easily qualify for Open License (and there are several today already utilizing these programs for their companies):


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As you can see in the example above, by purchasing two Windows Upgrades, two Office Licenses and one Streets & Trips license, they have purchased 5 total licenses, which would qualify them for Open License. Now, if they had chosen to add Software Assurance to those so that they would receive the upgrade protection, Office home use rights, ability to spread their payments over three years vs. paying up front (benefit of Open Value), etc., then they would qualify for Open Value since they would have purchased five License + Software Assurance items in one order.

So contrary to the belief of some, no, you do not need to have five (5) computers to qualify for the Open License or Open Value Volume Licensing programs at Microsoft and companies with as few as two (2) computers can easily qualify for both. Keep this in mind the next time you are speaking to your clients of all sizes and see if the Open License or Open Value licensing programs can help your clients save money, protect their investments, and get more for their money. 

As a side note, the one exception is the Open Value Company-Wide program, which does require you to sign up with a minimum of 5 PCs.

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