Open Value Subscription launches today!

Since New Year’s Day, I have been telling you about the upcoming launch of Open Value Subscription, the exciting new way to acquire your Microsoft technology on a subscription basis. Today, this new program goes live and can be ordered for your clients! Here are some of the resources you should look to if you are looking for information about Open Value Subscription:

  • Open Value Subscription – Easy as 1-2-3 – See how easy the Open Value Subscription can be in 3 easy steps
  • 7 days to the Open Value Subscription Launch – Are you ready? – A collection of resources I posted last week in prep for the Open Value Subscription launch
  • Authorized Volume Licensing Distributors – The Volume Licensing Distributors have Microsoft Volume Licensing desks and specialists that can help you with part #s and your costs as well as help you place your orders for your clients
  • Open Value Subscription Partner ERP Cheat Sheet – Single page showing the Estimated Retail Prices and part numbers for the Enterprise Products offered through Open Value Subscription for Partners
  • Microsoft Gear Up site – Gear up will have Open Value Subscription part #s and prices included in the Licensing Configurator by March 15th, so keep checking back to see if they have been added yet.
  • Big Easy Partner Subsidy promotion – Learn how to help your clients get a check from Microsoft for their Open Value Subscription purchases that is made out to you for use on additional software, hardware and services purchases.
  • Open Value Subscription page on Partner Portal – Coming soon, a page dedicated to Open Value Subscription on the Microsoft Partner Portal
  • MS Readiness – View a replay of my latest Microsoft Live Meeting on Open Value Subscription for Partners on the MS Readiness site at your convenience
  • Partner Sales Rep Spiff – Coming soon! (Keep an eye on the Blog for this exciting announcement coming soon)
  • Plus several more that will be coming in the near future. Stay tuned for these as they become available.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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