Announcing EWSEditor 1.6.1!

EWSEditor 1.6.1 is now available for download at the EWSEditor Code Gallery project site!

API coverage is a major focus of the 1.6.* releases of EWSEditor. The 1.6.1 release adds an OOF Settings and Availability form to this end. There were several bugs addressed in this release was well as some changes in the error dialog and about information. These changes will make the information displayed and logged by EWSEditor more useful.

Here is the change list from the download page for this release

BUG: Untrapped exception when using a self signed certificate on Exchange 2010
BUG: NullReferenceException in ServiceDialog
BUG: Autodiscover URL cleared out
BUG: ConvertFormToExtendedPropDef makes too many assumptions about control state
BUG: Contents grid for attachments should refresh after deleting an attachment
BUG: Version dialog says Contrast with Filever output
BUG: Double click TreeViewNode opens wrong folder

FEATURE: OOF Settings Form
FEATURE: Add availability form

DCR: EWS Managed API dialog warning should have download link
DCR: About EWSEditor doesn't give the EWSEditor website
DCR: Distribute EWS API binary as part of release
DCR: Simplify copying an exception to the clipboard from the ErrorDialog
DCR: F1 should bring up the About dialog.
DCR: The AboutDialog should have links to blog content and project site
DCR: New Error dialog with "copyable" text.