FYI: Exchange 2007 Web Services Around the Web

Here are some Exchange 2007 Web Services resources from around the web...

Microsoft Resources

VIDEO: Karim Batthish, an Exchange Program Manager, talks at Tech Ed 2006 about Exchange 2007 Web Services.

PPT: "Exchange 2007 Web Services: 42 APIs is not the Answer" from Tech Ed 2006 New Zealand.
As a person who has to maintain working knowledge of those 42 APIs, I love the idea of simplifying the landscape. I love the title it is so true and something I'm sure every Exchange developer is happy for us to recognize.

Microsoft Blogs

CODE: Former Microsoftee, Eric Lee provides Exchange Server 2007 Web Service API for Developers!
He uses a lot of pictures which always makes things more interesting. The other neat thing about this post is that Eric is a Web Services developer with no Exchange experience. The information in this post is from a Web Services enthusiast point of view, not of an Exchange developer...

CODE: Stephen Griffin, Exchange Web Services and MAPI Props.
The MAPI Guy is doing web services?! Very appropriately, Stephen details how to get at arbitrary MAPI properties using web services.

Other Blogs

CODE: Sending Attachments via the Exchange Web Services in Exchange 2007.
The introduction of this code sample has some great points... (1) If you have used WebDAV to send an email with attachments, you will find Web Services to be easier. If you have used CDOSYS to send an email with attachments, it is much more involved.   (2) CDOSYS has always been and still is a very valuable tool for parsing and creating MIME, even if you are not using for sending mail.

CODE: Glen Scales, Scripting Exchange Web Services with VBS and Powershell

Like I said before, Glen is awesome…

Exchange SDK Code Samples Online

Getting User Availability,

Setting OOF Message,

Creating Appointments,

Handling Meetings,

Creating Contacts,

Updating Contacts,

Adding Managed Folders,

Deleting Folders,

Creating Folders,

Creating E-mail,

Sending E-mail,

Deleting Items,

Finding Items,

Finding Folders,

Updating Tasks,

Creating Tasks,

Expanding Distribution Lists,

Using Name Resolution,

To replace Store Events and Advise Sinks there are Push and Pull notifications in Exchange Web Services…more on this later…

Using Pull Notifications,

To replace ICS there are synch objects in Exchange Web Services…more on this later…

Synchronizing Mailboxes,

Here is important information on working with impersonation and Exchange Web Services…more on this later..

Configuring Exchange Impersonation,

...that is enough for now, I will continue to add to this list as I find more...

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