Flash in the Can Avalon Presentation Video

As mentioned previously, I attended the Flash in the Can event in Toronto earlier this month with some other evangelists and members of the Avalon team. I recorded the one-hour (okay, 56-minute) presentation that was given by Karsten Januszewski. If you're interested in Avalon, would like to see Electric Rain's cool ZAM 3D tool, or if you just want cool demos, the video has been posted on Channel 9.

  • Jump to 32:45 for Electric Rain's cool ZAM 3D demo
  • Jump to 44:00 to see some very cool demos being demonstrated by Nathan Dunlap running on post-March CTP bits

I apologize for the murky video. For some reason, they didn't light the presenters in this room, and it was almost pitch black. Fortunately, the video of the presentation is relatively bright and very readable.