Looking for Cool Windows Vista Demos

We're working with a number of our early adopter partners and customers to put together short video segments that illustrate applications that take advantage of the new features in Windows Vista and/or WinFX. Although we're aware of a lot of very cool stuff, we wondered if there are other compelling applications out there that we know nothing about. So, we decided that a blog post (like this one) might be an interesting way to find out.

Unfortunately, our deadline for submissions is the morning of Friday, April 7th. I'm not sure if we'll get anything that quickly, but you know what? I think it's worth throwing it out there. If I learned anything from the Show Off event at PDC05, it's that there's a ton of great stuff going on in the developer community. I'd love to be shocked or surprised. :-)

Here's the deal. If you do have an application that provides clear business and/or consumer value, exploits some Windows Vista and/or WinFX technologies, and you have a very short (less than one minute) Camtasia video or some great screenshots, I'd love to see them.

Instead of drowning my mailbox with megabytes of video, I'd recommend one of the following:

  • Host your screenshots and/or video on a web server, and use my Contact Form to let me know where to look (preferred).
  • Or, use the Contact Form to tell me a little about the application, and we can continue exchanging screenshots via attachments (slower, because I'm busy working on this stuff right now).

Regardless, include your name, company, a short description that explains how our technology enabled your application/scenario, and some reasons why you think your application makes sense for us to highlight.

Good luck, and let the submissions begin!