Return of The Spider King

As many long-time readers may recall, I've been trying to foist blogging onto my friend and colleague, Thomas Lewis, for nearly three years. He's endured my chiding both online and in person; thank goodness he's one of those guys who can take my constant nagging.

A couple of weeks ago, Thomas stated that he had a surprise for me and asked if I wanted to hear it then or at some point in the future. I appreciate a good surprise, so I told him that he could tell me when he was ready...turns out that time was today at lunch. He played it very well. I was sure he was about to tell me that his wife is pregnant, he had won the lottery, or that small bunnies had attacked him with sticks last night (don't ask). After drawing out the suspense for what seemed like a few minutes, he revealed that the Spider King has returned!

Now, I personally believe that blogging isn't for everyone and that it should never be forced or required. But, I know a few people who have such interesting perspectives or such insightful thoughts that it'd be a shame if those perspectives and thoughts couldn't be shared more broadly. Thomas is one of those guys. I'm thrilled that he'll be posting about his unique views on Microsoft, Apple, technology, his pets, his wonderful wife, wine, the iPhone, heavy metal, internet standards, and whatever else inspires him. No matter what he chooses to write, I'm sure it will add value to the world.

So, without further ado, head on over to The Spider King and check out his first couple of posts. I've received a lot of e-mail in the past about what it means to be a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, and Thomas' post about 7 Tips To Become a Microsoft Technical Evangelist is a great start. He's a good guy to work for too, so be sure to check out the open position on his team.

Last, since Thomas ended his first post with a Dune quote, I thought I'd close with the same: He who controls the Spice Girls, controls the universe! Muwhaha!