Gimme a Buddy

Microsoft has begun a new program called Microsoft ISV Buddy Program.  “This program enables an ISV to connect and build a 1-on-1 relationship with a Microsoft employee.” (  I signed up to be matched with an ISV.  While I haven't been paired with one yet, I'm excited to begin.  Being able to have an ongoing relationship with a vendor will be a fun experience.  This enables developers such as myself to get some feedback from “the real world” which is great to have.  It should provide value to both “buddies”.  The ISV will have a personal contact within Microsoft for answers to questions and requests.  I am glad that they have put an escalation process into place.  I don't claim to know everything and my ISV may have a question I don't know, so it's good to know that I am able to escalate the question in a process where someone can help out.  I think this program is a great initiative by Microsoft and can't wait to get started.