Visual Studio LightSwitch V1 is Released

Today is an exciting day.  After years of hard work, Visual Studio LightSwitch V1 has been released.  This is my first shipped product while working in the Server & Tools Division at Microsoft and I couldn’t be happier (my previous shipped products were in the Business Division).  Feedback from the first two beta versions has been very positive and we are all excited to have reached this milestone.  There seems to be a lot of buzz in the community.

We can all admit that LightSwitch V1 is not a perfect product.  It has its quirks and is missing some features that people would like to see.  It is a V1 after all.  But even so, it’s amazing what this product can do for your app building productivity.  When I sit down to write an app, I no longer have to ask myself these questions: how am I going to read and write data from the database, how am I going to handle communication between the client and server, how am I going to make the UI functional and look good, how am I going to write the plumbing for authentication.  LightSwitch answers these questions for me so I don’t have to worry about them.  I can concentrate on making the app, not the guts.

As productive as LightSwitch V1 lets you become today, there’s still more it can do.  This isn’t the last version of LightSwitch you’re going to see.  Stay tuned for more LightSwitch awesomeness in the future.

Happy coding LightSwitching,