InsideMicrosoft speculates on a drop in the street prices on the Xbox 360 in the States

Of interest... the InsideMicrosoft blog news channel says that there's drop coming in the street prices on the Xbox 360...

"Leaks are coming at the rate of several a day that an Xbox 360 price drop is imminent, sometime in the next ten days. A Circuit City ad shows that you should be able to get an Xbox 360 Premium, the most common version of the system, for $350, fifty bucks less than now, starting August 12. A Core system, without a hard drive, will go for $280, a drop of $20, and the big hard drive’d Elite will drop thirty to $450. The Premium comes with a free copy of Rockstar’s Table Tennis (which rocks)."

Hmmm... should be an interesting Holiday season. Perhaps with more interesting stories to come aroun Xbox 360 and HD DVD.

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