John Dvorak's Second Opinion on Microsoft's business model needs a third opinion: Yours

Today I saw in John Dvorak's Second Opinion column, John says Microsoft's business model is done and that "the age of expensive office software may be near its end". (Also the story is available via

"Until now, the average computer user has been ignoring this trend. But the economic conditions and the emergence of powerful inexpensive computing has to make people rethink the Microsoft proposition.

"If Intel can provide users with powerful little systems for $99 and has been pushing prices lower and lower over the years, why can't Microsoft? Intel makes elaborate hardware in billion-dollar factories. Microsoft stamps out a disk."

That's like saying Hollywood studios ship out celluloid, HBO fills bandwidth or Amazon ships paper and bubble wrap.

C'mon, John...

Go ahead: leave him your comments on his post, pro or con.


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