Seattle Times on Windows Vista and the Mac: they both have their place in the home

Interesting article in the Seattle Times this weekend, "Windows vs. Mac: Of two minds about Vista."

"...Vista is good news for everybody. If you sit users of one system in front of the screen of another, they will be able to find a Web site, create a document or edit a picture. This didn't begin with Vista. Over the past decade PCs have become easier while users are getting smarter."

The author and I share a similarity in that we use both operating systems. If you've read past posts, you know that we have both computers at home, 'though my Macs haven't been on in quite a while due to pressing work at the office. And we use both Vista (on more robust machines) as well as Windows XP (still) on some older PCs at home, ones that I just haven't had the time or inclination to upgrade to meet the new Vista specs.

But for the PCs that run Windows Vista now, they're my favourite.