The world's heaviest Xbox 360 peripheral (from Nissan)

... and certainly the most mobile.

If you haven't seen everything, read this article on how the new Nissan Urge can be used as a steering wheel and pedal controller for the in-trunk Xbox 360 (when in the park position). (Also see the press release from the end of December.)

My favorite quote from the article:

"The project was a joint effort with Microsoft, so the Xbox 360 beneath the boattail-shape trunk, one of a half-million consoles shipped since the game system went on sale Nov. 22, is different from the others: no one stood in line to buy it."

As I've seen in Tokyo, in-car TV and DVD players are popular (especially in rush hour parking lots): I vividly recall a cab driver in the middle of a traffic jam putting his car into park and watching the news. Now gamers can drive when they're not driving. A special edition of Project Gotham Racing is outfitted in the Urge concept car; one can only wonder if the Urge will be added to the car rosters in PGR and Forza Motor Sport.

I wonder how force feedback is incorporated into the car? ; )

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