Your questions: I've lost my Hotmail password: what should I do?

A couple of similarly themed questions today:

"I've lost my password and secret question of my account e-mail. Where do I get help to regain my password as soon as possible?


"Today, while I was using Windows Live Messenger, I automatically got logged out of it saying "You messenger has been logged in from another location". When I clicked on Reconnect, my messenger signed back in, but there was an unread email in my inbox. That email was from Microsoft Corporation confirming the change of my password. I tried to change the password via Secret Question and Answer and found that my secret question and answer was changed."

First, you should contact Hotmail support asap. For more info on recovering your account that you think may have been compromised, see this post on the Windows Live Help site:

You may also go to and post a note in

Hope this helps.

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