Things to Know about Windows Search 4.0 installation...

Hey everyone,


Windows Search 4.0 has been available on WU for a few weeks now, and we've been getting some questions about installation failures and error code 0x643.  We've done some investigation and found out that the installation failure in this case may actually be caused by the computer configuration, which in most cases can be easily changed to allow for successful installation and functionality of Windows Search 4.0.  


In this case, when WS4.0 runs under Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP, it requires Terminal Services to be running. By default, Terminal Services are set to start automatically in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003; however, system administrator or third-party software may have chosen to disable them. In order to enable installation and subsequent functionality of Windows Search 4.0 on your machine, you need to have Terminal Services running first.


You can check the status of Terminal Services on your system and start the service, if needed, from the Start menu by clicking Run and entering “services.msc”.   Locate Terminal Services – if the status of the service isn’t “Started”, right-click the service, click Properties, set startup type to Automatic, click Apply and then click Start. Now you can restart the installation of Windows Search 4.0 if it was failing before due to Terminal Services not running on the PC.


More information on how to manage services running on your PC is available here and KB940157 provides more information about Windows Search 4.0 and its prerequisites.


 - Hope this is helpful-