Life just got easier for Developers, ISVs, IHVs and OEMs to create Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 solutions


Today's news comes from Steven Goddard who has been working with our partner teams on a great developer extensibility story for WMS 2011:

Hello, my name is Steven Goddard and I work on the Windows MultiPoint Server team. Previously, I worked on the Small Business Server and Home Server team. Earlier this week, you may have noticed that the Windows Server Solutions SDK became available through the Microsoft Download Center. The Windows Server Solutions SDK tool offers samples and templates which make it easier for developers to build add ins for Windows MultiPoint Server (WMS) 2011. For those of you less familiar with this new tool, let me briefly explain why this is interesting to WMS users and developers. The WMS MultiPoint Manager console shares a common codebase with the Windows Server Solutions Dashboard. Using the Windows Server Solutions SDK, you can extend the MultiPoint Manager by adding new top level tabs and sub tabs.


To get started, check out the documentation around creating a WMS MultiPoint Manager add in and instructions on how to package and deploy an add in.

This is great for schools, teachers and students who will ultimately benefit from the additional applications that developers will create for use with their WMS 2011 solutions.


Partners are currently developing interesting add-ins to provide their richer functionality on top of the Multipoint Manager experience, so I’m looking forward to sharing examples of the SDK in action with you soon.


Also this week, the team announced a new Forrester Total Economic Impact study that details the type of costs savings schools can realize if they chose WMS 2011. Click here to read the Windows for Your Business blog post that provides more details.