2010 Summit – in a word, “more!”

By Toby Richards @tobyrichards


If I had to sum up this year’s Summit in just one word, I think I would have to say “more.”


This year, we had more MVP involvement in our keynotes and technical sessions, including two MVPs presenting during Stephen Elop’s keynote and numerous MVPs presenting during feedback sessions. I left Summit feeling more excited about technology innovation, more passionate about our MVPs and more driven to nurture customer feedback channels at Microsoft.


What left me so inspired? Summit reminded me about how powerful technology truly is. It brings us together, enables us to work more efficiently and makes the impossible a reality. The coming year will be more exciting than ever, with cloud-based technology and solutions unlocking even more doors. For a glimpse of what I mean, check out what Steve Ballmer had to say recently about the cloud.


I’m grateful for all the ways MVPs stepped up to the plate at Summit this year and for all the ways they continue to contribute to the community throughout the year and share their feedback with Microsoft. I know I can speak for the rest of us here at Microsoft when I say this, because we all benefit from the contributions of our MVPs.


Whether at Summit, at home or online, MVPs turn up the volume of the voice of the customer, giving all of us even more reason to be optimistic about what’s in store at Microsoft. And what’s in store, in a word, is MORE!



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