2010 Summit: More MVPs to take on presenting roles than ever before

by Toby Richards


There’s a reason we call the annual MVP Global Summit a summit. If we called it the annual MVP Global Meeting or Conference, what would make it different from any other gathering? After all, everyone goes to meetings or conferences on a regular basis. But traveling halfway across the globe should warrant something special, something out of the ordinary, right?


The MVP Global Summit is truly a high point in a year of ongoing interactions between MVPs and Microsoft. What we discuss all year over e-mail, phone and Web conferences takes on new meaning as we engage face-to-face about the way we all use technology. I liken it to a giant in-person forum, because the week is really driven by the free exchange of ideas, rather than pre-determined outcomes.


I’m extremely excited that this year there will be more MVPs who take on presenting roles than ever before. We only get a limited amount of face time with our MVPs, so what better place than Summit to allow them a global forum to share their insights and experiences with all of us?


After next week, we will resume our regular schedule of meetings and conferences. But for now, I look toward to next week as one of the highest points of my year at Microsoft, the annual MVP Global Summit.


And I encourage everyone to keep tabs on our Summit Twitter handle to stay connected to all of the updates and highlights coming out of this exciting week.


Toby Richards

Toby Richards
Toby Richards, General Manager, Community and Online Support, Microsoft



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