Around the World With MVPs: Geek Women Japan And Microsoft Host Another Great Women In Tech Event

[caption id="attachment_21935" align="alignnone" width="785"]screen-shot-2017-03-30-at-9-50-19-am Photo courtesy of CPM Chiaki Matsuno[/caption]

The female tech community in Tokyo is certainly vibrant. Almost 150 people came together for another great women in tech event earlier this month!  Geek Women Japan x Microsoft - which took place at the Microsoft Tokyo office - was a full-day event to encourage all engineers to get acquainted with awesome Microsoft technologies, and further strengthen women in tech communities.

In fact, 67 percent of people who attended were women in their early 20s and 30s - something that’s typically uncommon at the average tech event.

The event featured a total of 8 sessions and 4 hands-on-labs, which were delivered by Japan TEs, MVPs, as well as tech-experts from adjacent communities. Participants got to engage with the hottest topics in tech - including AI, Data Analysis, Modern Web Dev, Xamarin, Docker and Azure.

And considering 88 percent of attendees were non-Microsoft users, Geek Women Japan did a great job at introducing the tech through well-structured sessions. Some popular ones included AI utilization for developers by TE Ayako Omori, a lightening talk in part with TE Aya Tokura and MVP Maaya Ishida, and Let’s develop an app with Xamarin with TE Madoka Chiyoda.

Geek Woman Japan not only centered around technology, but it also featured a career development session. This spoke to how society should support engineers, regardless of gender. It focused on examples from Sheryl Sandberg and a Facebook COO, and compared these stories to Japanese society, as well as how Japanese organizations and tech-experts can overcome workplace challenges.

And just like the last Geek Women Japan event we featured on the MVP Award Blog in November, this one featured a daycare center as well - enabling mothers and fathers alike to drop off their kids and focus on networking with others and developing their technical skills.

So while those involved in Geek Women Japan x Microsoft are amazing technical experts, it's evident they're experts in developing inclusive community events, too.