Canadian MVPs lead at DevTeach


DevTeach is an independent, international developer’s conference that was founded by Canadian SQL MVP Jean-René Roy. The conference is put together for developers by developers and is an annual event. The conference offers the advantages of an international conference and the elements of a community event.

At the recent Montreal conference held on December 2 - 5, 33 out of 203 sessions were presented by Canadian MVPs. When the call for speakers went out, the response was overwhelming. Take a look at the full speaker list here

Jean-René Roy started the DevTeach Conference back in 2003, and had a clear goal in mind. He wanted to host an event that was more than just a conference. The event was designed to have strong connections with the technical community, providing a platform for future speakers and a resource for user group leaders. DevTeach is a conference where attendees over time, are hoped to become speakers in future events.