Chinese MVP Sees The ‘Silverlight’


Visual C# MVP Yongguang Zhu is a .NET Speaker, author and is the .NET Lead Editor for InfoQ China. As the vice-chairman and the core lecturer for Chengdu .NET club, he helps to organise technical sessions for the .NET club developers. 

Yongguang has published several Silverlight articles in Chinese including Silverlight 2 TutorialsDive into data 2.0 part 1, Dive into data 2.0 part 2, and an article on Windows Azure entitled, “Azure Learning Resources”.

He has also translated a number of articles for the technical community including: “Getting Started With SharePoint Web Services”, “Column Level Security in SharePoint”, “Beyond Foundations of F# - Asynchronous Workflows”, and “C# Feature Focus: Co- and Contra-variance .

To learn more about Yongguang, read his blog here

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