Extending Windows 7 with Windows Live Essentials


MVP Andy Malone, presents a great blog post on how to extend the functionality of Windows 7 with Windows Live Essentials. Read an excerpt of Andy’s blog post below:

“After my recent review of Windows 7 on my blog a couple of folks have asked so how does Windows Live fit into Windows 7? Firstly, in a big way. One of the perceived problems with Windows Vista is that it was a fat product with just too much in it. This is by far not the first time that Microsoft has shipped fat products. Exchange Server 2000 shipped with an early version of messenger. This was later developed into the highly successful Office Communications Server. The point is that those nice guys in Redmond do listen to feedback!

Ok, now back to Windows 7. You will remember that Vista came pre-loaded with software such as Windows Movie Maker etc. This was great to use, but slowed the system down. With Windows 7 the fat OS is a thing of the past. Now Windows 7 ships is a very basic state which allows users the option to enhance the Windows experience with the Live Essentials pack.

So, what’s included? Firstly the Live platform now includes a host of really cool tools which include shiny new versions of Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Writer and Live Messenger not to mention such gems as Windows Mail, Windows Contacts, and my favourite Sky Drive which provides users with a whopping 5Gb of secure online storage for free.  Now you are probably wondering these only work on Windows right? Wrong! You can download these tools and get productive today”.

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