Friday Five: April 27, 2012.

To close out this month’s Friday Five post, we’ll cover Forefront, Visual C# and Microsoft Project.

1. Translate and Compare Object SID : Download SIDTranslator

By Forefront MVP Olivier Detilleux

Olivier introduces us to the SID Translator tool which converts an objectSID from a string to hexadecimal format or vice versa.

2. Portable Class Library in .NET

By Visual C# MVP Adil Ahmed Mughal | @adilamughal

Adil discusses how to create a class library to target different version of frameworks.

3. Do’s and Don'ts: Sequencing Summary Tasks

By Microsoft Project MVP Sam Huffman

Sam walks us through how to properly sequence (link) summary tasks.

4. Compare the Speeds of a Switch Statement and a Series of If-Then Statements in C#

By Visual Basic MVP Rod Stephens | @cSharpHelper

A switch statement and a series of if then statements have the same effect: both check a series of conditions until they find one that it true and then skip the rest.   Rod compares the two for speed considerations.

5. Dispose Pattern and “Set Large Fields to Null”

By Visual C# MVP Peter Ritchie

Peter looks at whether fields should be set to null in the Dispose method(s).