Friday Five - February 1, 2013

1. Web Development Goodies in Visual Studio 2012

By Visual C# MVP Adil Mughal - @adilamughal

2. [Windows 8] How to get animated Live Tiles with Windows Azure Mobile Services?

By Client App Dev MVP Thomas Lebrun - @thomas_lebrun

3. Confusing : “Skydrive is not Skydrive is not Skydrive Pro…but actually it is”

By SharePoint Server MVP Serge Luca – @sergeluca

4. How to create overloaded web methods in web service?

By Visual C# MVP Jalpesh Vadgama

5. Why won’t my .NET redistributable assemblies show up in Visual Studio’s ‘Add Reference’ dialog?

By Visual C++ MVP Marius Bancila – @mariusbancila