How to become an MVP


Lisa and seth

Ever wonder how to become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional? Lisa Anderson, a Microsoft community program manager (CPM) for the central region of the United States, explained what she looks for recently at That Conference 2016, a summer camp for geeks, when she sat down with Channel 9’s Seth Juarez. She provided some valuable insight into the process and the qualities that stand out in exceptional community leaders.

“The most important qualities for being an MVP are impact and passion,” Lisa explained. “If you have a lot of passion it will likely translate into far-reaching impact in the community.”

“The first step is to think about why you want to become an MVP—is it because you’re already doing amazing work in the community and you’d like recognition? Then think about what your impact is in the community and start spreading the word about who you are and what you love to do,” she said.

The chances are very good you’ll find Microsoft MVP CPMs like Lisa out in the community—they’re located around the world. Introduce yourself! And get the conversation started.

Or, you can nominate yourself—or someone else—for the MVP Award at the MVP Award website.

If you’re an MVP, please take a moment to add your advice!