Japanese MVP Publishes Three Windows 7 Books!

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Desktop Experience MVP Kazunori Hashimoto, recently wrote two books on Windows 7. The first book is entitled, “Advanced Level Manual for Windows 7” and the second book is entitled “How to use Windows 7 and 200 Selected Setup Techniques at a glance!”. Kazunori also supports Windows users by providing over 300 tips on the Win7.jp website, with fellow MVP Toshiyuki Noma.

About the Books:

“Advanced Level Manual for Windows 7”

This book particularly focuses on the 64-bit (x64) edition of Windows 7 and contains chapters on new features such as shortcut keys, Windows XP Mode(Windows Virtual PC, system customization, registry setup, multi-boot and SSD(Solid State Drive).

The book is available to purchase here.


“How to Use Windows 7 & The 200 Selected Setup Techniques with One Glance!”

This book is co-written by MVPs, Kazunori Hashimoto and Toshiyuki Noma for Microsoft Press.

Designed to cater for Windows power users who want to learn about all of the new Windows 7 features. In particular, this book covers Windows 7 customization, Registry and Group Policy setup.

This book is available to purchase here.


Mr. Hashimoto will soon also have a new book available in November entitled, “XP→ 7 Perfect Setup”.

In this book the reader will discover not only the new features of Windows 7, but also how Windows 7 co-exists with Windows XP, with features such as dual booting, shared data, and remote control over the network. Learn more about this upcoming book here.  


Please note the books are published in the Japanese language.


A Japanese translation of this post is available here. (日本語訳はこちら)

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