MVP Mia Chang Named One Of Taiwan's Top 40 Under 40 Women In Tech

9kBetween speaking at international events and leading the Azure community in Taiwan, it’s evident Data Platform MVP Mia Chang has a strong passion for technology. And now she’s being acknowledged for her outstanding community contributions. This past March, Mia was recognized as one of Girls in Tech Taiwan’s top 40 under 40 women in tech. Congratulations Mia! Girls in Tech is a global nonprofit on a mission to engage, educate and empower women and girls interested in technology. Mia believes she was acknowledged for sharing her experience with others, and encouraging everyone - especially younger women - to achieve their goals.

She says even if younger women aren't yet experienced on a management level, "we still have the ability to share and help others on their learning paths,” adding she sees those she mentors as younger versions of herself.  

Mia - who has a degree in applied mathematics and computer science, as well as a masters in algorithm research - began her career as a backend engineer at a startup, and now works as a data consultant for various startups, such as an intelligent hotel service, and a travel agency. For the travel agency, Mia designed a customer service workflow to optimize user experience, and in just six months, customer satisfaction reached 4.9/5 stars.

But Mia makes an impact outside of work, too. She’s the co-organizer of Azure Taiwan - a community groups that focuses on building solutions with Microsoft Azure - and also works with other community groups (like R-ladies Taipei) to plan full-day technical sessions. Mia also shares her knowledge in various study groups, student workshops and business training sessions, including Microsoft Partner Training. 

Even more, she regularly speaks at technical meetups on Azure Machine Learning. Just two weeks ago, Mia presented at Azure Meetup Berlin about feature engineering, and how to choose the right algorithms.

She notes that when an aspiring tech expert sees a role model, it gives them the power to push through and become just as successful - and that encouraging diversity helps women to chase their own goals.

“That’s why when we see an outstanding woman, we should share her story with others,” she said.