Microsoft MVPs Attend Windows 7 Launch Party in NYC!


Watch Microsoft MVPs at the recent Windows 7 Launch Event in New York City! Nine MVPs attended the event including:

Consumer Security MVP Bill Pytlovany, Visual C# MVP Brian Peek, Windows Live MVP Stephen Boots, App-V MVP Daniel Nerenberg, ASP.NET MVP Miguel Castro, Access MVP Scott Diamond, Visual Basic MVP Matthew Kleinwaks, Windows Desktop Experience MVP Randall McCarty and Windows Desktop Experience MVP Jack Rattock.

Our MVPs share with us their favourite features in Windows 7. Some of their quotes include:

Daniel Nerenberg, “Touchscreen stuff, I think that is going to open up a whole new world of really cool applications.”

Miguel Castro , “Installing Windows, have it go out and find all the drivers without you having to dig up old discs out of boxes is a fantastic thing!”

Scott Diamond, “It runs sweet!” [on older hardware] “The idea of being able to switch back and forth between a domain and a Homegroup is going to sell more businesses on it.”

Matthew Kleinwaks, Visual Basic MVP “Play To is one of the coolest features!”

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