MVP Friday Five: December 16, 2011

We have another great MVP Friday Five for you, offering up a small taste of the contributions MVPs make to the tech community every week. This week’s articles are filled with the tips, how to’s and expert knowledge that MVPs are known for.


1. A T-SQL Tip: Working Calculations

By SQL Server MVP Rob Farley | @rob_farley

Rob shows you how to use CROSS APPLY for working columns in calculations using the example of calculating the exact age of a group of football players.


2. Hiding & Disabling Ribbons Items in Project Server, Part II

By Project MVP Alex Burton | @alexanderb

Alex takes you through the steps of hiding buttons in the ribbon in Project Server.


3. Tweaking Subtext with Hero Shots Next to Each Post

By Windows Phone Development MVP Matt Hidinger | @matthidinger

In this post Matt shows you how you can tweak a skin in VS 2010 to show “hero shots” next to each post. In other words,  when viewing a list of posts (the home page, a specific tag, the archives) this tweak will show an image that helps illustrate the topic and allow for easier scanning with the eye.


4. Prepopulating EPT Custom Fields in Project Server 2010

By Project: Training MVP Andrew Lavinsky | @Alavinsky

Andrew answers the question “How do I prepopulate specific fields within an Enterprise Project Type?”


5. Unicode Window Internals

By Visual C++ MVP YoungJin Shin | @codemaru

YoungJin describes Unicode Windows for rookie developers to avoid mistakes.


We are always looking for more MVP stories for our Friday Five series. If you’re an MVP and would like your blog posts considered for our MVP Friday Five, please provide your URL in the comments section below or reach out to your MVP Lead!