MVP Friday Five: February 17, 2012

MVPs are known for their expert contributions to the technology community. They provide answers to common questions, complex problems and, just as importantly, they ask questions and inspire discussion. This week’s MVP Friday Five illustrates the full spectrum of MVP contributions.


Why Small Businesses Should Switch from Exchange to Office 365  

By Exchange Server MVP J. Peter Bruzzese | @JPBruzzese

J. Peter Bruzzese describes why many small business clients he has encountered would have benefited from choosing Office 365, and discusses the value and benefits of a hosted Exchange service.


EntityFramework 4.3 CodeFirst Trivial One File Example – Part 1

By ASP.NET/IIS MVP Peter Kellner | @pkellner

In this three part series, Peter demonstrates a very simple example of using Entity Framework Code First to create a SQLServer Table and populate it with data.


Saving and Retrieving Arrays in Local Storage

By Silverlight MVP Chad Campbell |@chadcampbell

Chad discusses the HTML Local Storage feature that allows you to store information that is more complex than you would store in a traditional cookie.


Windows Phone Apps to Trial or Not to Trial That is the Question

By Windows Expert- Consumer MVP Richard Hay | @WinObs

Richard asks the question: should windows phone application developers offer trial version of their apps before going public? He uses an example of a recently launched app Carbon to illustrate.


Microsoft Model Databases: Some Unconventional Alternatives?

By SQL Server MVP Michael J. Swart | @MJSwart

Michael discusses some examples of databases, including specific interesting lessons learned from sample databases.


We’d also like to remind you that as the 2012 MVP Global Summit approaches, we’ll be looking for articles from MVPs on their experience at the event and the power of having so many influential community experts together in one place.

If you are planning to write blog posts, create videos or publish podcasts on your experiences at #mvp12, please let us know by contacting your MVP Lead or posting your blog url in the comments below.