MVP Monday - Put Your Windows 8 Apps on Cloud 9

Editor’s Note: In partnership with Microsoft Press, MVPs have been contributing to an ongoing
guest series on their official team blog based on monthly themes. This month’s theme is Windows 8.
Today’s article is from Windows Azure MVP David Pallman which is the 21st in the series .

Put Your Windows 8 Apps on Cloud 9

Add Value to Your Windows Store Apps with the Microsoft Cloud

You can bring an added dimension of usefulness to your
Windows Store Apps on by leveraging Microsoft cloud services including SkyDrive and Windows Azure. Your Windows 8 users can benefit in many ways when your app integrates with the cloud, such as these:

  • Use cloud storage or cloud databases as a safe
    place to store or back up app data
  • Collaborate with social networks, online
    service, or enterprise systems via the cloud
  • Take advantage of the many useful services
    available in the cloud, such as relational database storage.
  • Combine the limited compute and storage capacity
    of a user’s device with the nearly-unlimited compute and storage capacity of the cloud
  • Perform useful work in the background
  • Send push notifications about something of
    interest to you app user , resulting in notification toasts or live tile

Let’s take a tour of some different ways in which your app
can take advantage of SkyDrive and Windows Azure on Windows 8….Read Full
Article Here




About the author

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David Pallmann, a Windows Azure MVP, is the GM of App Dev for Neudesic, a national Microsoft SI partner, where he leads Windows Azure technical readiness, IP development, and business development. David has 3 decades of experience in software development. Prior to Neudesic he worked at Microsoft on the WCF product team, and has served in CTO roles at a variety of pubilc and private companies. David has written 4 technical books including The Windows Azure Handbook, Volume 1. He resides in Southern California.  Follow him on Twitter.


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