MVP Shines Spotlight on Windows 7 Book


Singapore Device Application Development MVP Wei Meng Lee is an author and writes extensively for the O'Reilly Network. He has just finished working on his book entitled ‘Windows 7: Up and Running’. The book offers a quick route for Windows XP and Vista users to get started with Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system. The book helps the reader to:

· Quickly learn the system's user interface, including the taskbar, jump lists, desktop gadgets, Aero Shake, system tray, and more

· Discover the joys of networking with HomeGroup and file sharing, and improved Wi-Fi

· Take a tour of the system's improved security, including the Action Center, User Account Control, and Credential Manager

· Learn how to use Windows Live Essentials for messaging, photo sharing, movie making, email, and blogging

· Get to know the built-in applications, such as IE 8, Windows Media Player 12, Microsoft Paint, and WordPad


This book can be pre-ordered here

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