MVPs Aim For The Server Core


MVPs Sander Berkouwer and Joachim Nässlander recently collaborated together, on their Windows Server Core knowledge and expertise!

Both MVPs sought to bring awareness of Server Core a new feature in Windows Server 2008 R2, and wanted to help other administrators to understand the feature set. Therefore, they decided to write a whitepaper on Server Core Remote Management.

Here’s a small section of the table of contents from the whitepaper

  • Brief introduction to Server Core
  • Server Core by default
  • The Administrator password
  • The Windows firewall
  • Overview of remote management methods
  • Remotely managing your Server Core using Compmgmt.msc
  • Computer Management
  • Delegation Considerations
  • Logon Considerations
  • Remotely managing your Server Core using RSAT
  • Installing RSAT
  • Selecting RSAT features
  • Displaying Administrative Tools
  • Using the Remote Server Administration Tools
  • Remotely managing your Server Core using RDP
  • Enabling Remote Desktop

Interested in learning how Server Core can help you? Download the free whitepaper here.


Learn more about Joachim by visiting his blog here and Sander, by visiting his blog here.

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