SQL Server 2014 Performance Enhancements

Editor’s note: In partnership with Microsoft Press, now celebrating their 30th year, MVPs have been contributing to an ongoing guest series on their official team blog. Today’s article is from SQL Server MVP Shehap El Nagar which is the 41stin the series.  

SQL Server 2014 Performance Enhancements

Database Performance has become an important subject for any database administrator, database Analysts and IT Directors. That is why Microsoft has focused on the performance factor within SQL Server 2014 to achieve 10x-30x improvementwithout touching your code whatsoever, they did that through in-Memory OLTP with no page buffer. Then you can create memory optimized table and add it to a memory optimized file group which is translated to .dll entry points. Moreover its data is more resilient, in other words its data remains intact after a server crash as they look like resident on disk. Awesome! I don’t have enough words to say how much it improved significantly an OLTP transaction to insert and delete 1 million records from 32 sec to just 2 seconds! In addition you no longer worry about heavy delete processes used for archiving because records are actually not deleted but just marked as deleted and another garbage collection process will take place asynchronously to clean up the deleted data without affecting on live transactions. Additionally, no changes are needed from developers on code level as it is one of the major myths of in-memory OLTP technology

This dream of performance was achievable through in-memory OLTP and other important projects targeted at rebuilding the architecture of the SQL engine….read full article here 


About the author

Shehap El Nagar is an MVP, MCTS and MCITP SQL Server and the founder of SQL Server Performance Tuning which is the largest SQL community in the Middle East along with their Facebook group with more than 8000 members. He is currently the Database manager for the ministry of Higher Education of KSA and well known SQL Server independent expert in the Middle East. Shehap has more than 60 blog articles in English and Arabic that touch on trickier SQL Server subjects.  He is also the first SQL Author on MSDN Arabia and frequent speaker at SQL Saturday events worldwide in Peru, Italy and Australia as well as other local events.  He has more than 90 video tutorials and also many private sessions for .net developers and Database Administrators  and active participant in the Microsoft TechNet Forums for SQL Server.

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