The MVP Show in Norway: An Interview With MVP Iris Classon

On the MVP Show, Senior Technical Evangelist Seth Juarez travels the world to meet MVPs on the frontline of innovation. And we’re excited to announce today the MVP Show has released its fifth episode - this time, we’re headed to Stavanger, Norway!  

Seth meets with Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP Iris Classon on today’s episode. She’s a software developer and cloud architect at a startup called Konstrukt, which offers data-driven solutions for large enterprises - such as ones that help with budgeting or data consolidation.  

At a charming coffee shop on Fargegaten / ØvreHolmegate (Upper Holm Street/Color Street), Iris and Seth jump into a talk on microservice deployment models, security, and multi-tenant authentication. Armed with paper and crayons, Iris first explores how to move a customer’s on-premise application to an application that’s accessible from the cloud. And more, how to make sure data belonging to different companies doesn’t leak together.  

“Every single request you make, you want to look and serve up the different data. Because the worst scenario is that you serve up somebody else’s data,” she said. “You get sued.” 

After delving further into the cloud, Seth and Iris went up into the clouds themselves! They hiked more than a mile to the beautiful Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), where they spoke about Iris’s career; before she was a programmer, she worked full-time as a clinical dietician and personal trainer. And then along with some very intense music, Seth showed off his fitness abilities. 

To learn more about Iris’s work and take in some beautiful Norwegian views, check out the video here.