The New Zune Pass: Your Questions Answered


Zune MVP Harvey Chute has published a great FAQ guide on the new Zune Pass subscription model. The new Zune Pass not only gives you subscription access to tracks from Zune Marketplace. But you also receive ten tracks per month! Take a look at the FAQ for further information.

Inspired by Harvey’s FAQ guide, Zune MVP Neville Williams has also published two walkthrough guides, showing Zune users how they can use their monthly Zune credits to download albums, (one DRM’d and one DRM free) from Zune Marketplace

MVP Harvey Chute is the founder and editor of Zunerama, an independent website dedicated to the Microsoft Zune. Zunerama's user forum has over 7,000 members and 85,000 posts. Harvey also co-authored and was the technical editor for Zune for Dummies, published by Wiley Inc.

MVP Neville Williamsis a Zune fan, frequently posting helpful advice on the forums and writing articles on Inside the Circle Zune fan site