SQL Server 2005 -- it's a wrap; but wait -- it's just the beginning!

I'm sure there are lots of coworkers blogging about this. We're done with SQL Server 2005 and it's a very interesting and good feeling. Having worked 5 year on the project, many long days, many weekends, having to fight many battles, and at the same time giving an incredible amount of attention to the security of our products with various massive security initiatives, shipping SQL Server 2000 SP3 (which was a big SP) and many other parallel work items made this a very high intensity effort of the entire team. One of my co-workers, Kirk, called it closure. I am not calling it that. It's more of a sense of letting a bright and smart prodigy go into the world, ready to do many great works. At the same time keeping an eye out and providing guidance where needed. It's a good feeling, not of closure, but of endless possibilities. The prodigy will be doing more than its masters can imagine it's capable of. The future of SQL Server 2005 is very bright...!