moving to new digs, and open Q&A thread

I've been meaning to do this for ages, but I've finally moved my blogging home from here on the MSDN blogs to my own domain.  This gives me greater flexibility in blogging, not to mention full control over my blogging tools (a pain that I've been feeling pretty sharply here on MSDN lately, which you can observe through the drop-off in blog posts here).  I'm using Bluehost for my provider, and I'm running WordPress.  I'm sorry to say that I still need to find a new theme, and I'm sure that I should spend some more time playing around with widgets and plug-ins, but the basic framework is there.

Anyway: I've kept my blog name, but my new domain is the blindingly-obvious  For those of you who want to update your RSS reader, the feed for blog posts is here, and the feed for comments is here.

Earlier this morning, I posted about Office:Mac 2011's official release date and linked to the earliest reviews.  Now that reviews are appearing, I can also (finally!) start answering questions about Office:Mac 2011, and you can ask them in the comments thread on my new blog.  Think of that open Q&A thread as the housewarming for my new blog.  Now I'm going to close comments on this blog, and encourage you to join me over at my new home.