Office:Mac 2008 12.2.4 and Office:Mac 2004 11.5.8 now available

Update Tuesday was yesterday, and it brought a couple of Office:Mac updates. (Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was at the mothership in meetings all day.)

Office:Mac 2008 12.2.4 has some Excel updates for security, stability, and performance. To install 12.2.4, you must first install update 12.2.3. For full details about the update, the knowledge base article has it all.

Office:Mac 2004 11.5.8 has security updates across the suite. To install 11.5.8, you m ust first install 11.5.7. For full details about the update, there's a knowledge base article for that one too.

To update Office 2008 or Office 2004 to the latest and greatest, you can either download it from Mactopia or you can run update from within any of the Office apps. To update from within an Office app, go to its help menu and select "check for updates". We've got a lot of servers, and sometimes it takes some time for updates to propagate out to all of our servers, so don't worry if the update doesn't appear immediately.