Q&A: how do I sync my BlackBerry with Entourage?

I noticed a comment go by on twitter:

Finally sat down and set up Microsoft Entourage on my iMac. I absolutely love it!! Would love it more if I could sync my blkberry though.

I saw that tweet and pointed towards both Missing Sync and the BlackBerry Desktop for Mac. In doing some more research, she found that the folks at BlackBerry describe using BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 1.0 to synchronize a BlackBerry smartphone with Microsoft Entourage on a Mac computer.

Looking over their instructions from my perspective on the Entourage side of the fence, it looks mostly in order. They do say that "By default, Sync Services is not installed within Microsoft Entourage 2004", which isn't quite accurate. Entourage 2004 came out before Sync Services was part of OS X, so we added support to it in a service pack. So long as you're using Entourage 2004 SP2 (11.2) or later, support for Sync Services is included, and you won't need to do anything special to install it. You'll just enable it as indicated in the screenshot in the BlackBerry link above, which is the same way that you do so in Entourage 2008 or Entourage for Web Services.

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