C++ AMP book by Kate Gregory and Ade Miller

Exciting news! Kate Gregory (C++ guru for over 20 years) and Ade Miller (genuine coding machine and GPU expert), both multi-book authors already, have been working since last year on a C++ AMP book!

The book is published in 2012 by Microsoft Press (which is managed by O'Reilly). There is both an online e-book version and a physical-copy printed version.

This is the Table of Contents for Kate's and Ade's C++ AMP book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Overview and C++ AMP Approach
  • Chapter 2: NBody Case Study
  • Chapter 3: C++ AMP Fundamentals
  • Chapter 4: Tiling
  • Chapter 5: Tiled NBody Case Study
  • Chapter 6: Debugging
  • Chapter 7: Optimization
  • Chapter 8: Performance Case Study—Reduction
  • Chapter 9: Working with Multiple Accelerators
  • Chapter 10: Cartoonizer Case Study
  • Chapter 11: Graphics Interop
  • Chapter 12: Tips, tricks, and best practices
  • Appendix: Other Resources

For info on purchasing or registering for chapters, please visit the official book URL: http://www.gregcons.com/cppamp/


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