Type: InfoPathLocalizedException, Exception Message: The specified form cannot be found.

The above error message I faced when I was trying to open a InfoPath task form from “In Progress” option from a document library.

I created a workflow  and used the InfoPath form as task from and also write some code referring the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll inside the InfoPath from. Then I packaged InfoPath form with workflow as a wsp package and deployed the workflow using the addsolution command.

stsadm -o addsolution

   -filename <solution file name>

   [-lcid] <language>

After deployment of the wsp package, the InfoPath form doesn’t comes up under “central Administration –> Application Management –> Manage from Template” but the solution deployed successfully. I checked document library and see the my workflow coming up as a template.

I associated the workflow and executed on document library item. when I browsed the task,It should open the task form nut it throws the error “The from is closed’. I checked the event viewer logs and see the following warning :-

    1: Event Type:    Warning
    2: Event Source:    Office SharePoint Server
    3: Event Category:    Forms Services Runtime 
    4: Event ID:    5368
    5: Date:        11/16/2009
    6: Time:        1:29:39 PM
    7: User:        N/A
    8: Computer:    XXXX-XXXX
    9: Description:
   10: exception occurred during request processing. (User: , Form Name: , IP: , Request: http://xxx.xxx.biz/_layouts/WrkTaskIP.aspx?List=da85c336-e82d-44d4-b68e-ea121ca5d3ba&;ID=51&Source=http://xxx.xxx.biz/Applications/xxxx/_layouts/WrkStat.aspx?List=%257bE28A70BC%252d4B08%252d48B2%252d9868%252d81882B8A6B0A%257d&WorkflowInstanceID=%257b39194728%252d9B57%252d47F6%252d9F7A%252dF375E762B96F%257d, Form ID: , Type: InfoPathLocalizedException, Exception Message: The specified form cannot be found.)

I enabled the verbose logging from Central Administration –> Logging and Reporting –> Diagnostic logging “, In the Event throttling section, Select the following  categories

1) Forms Service Administration

2) Forms Services Conversion and Deployment

3) Forms Services Data Binding

4) Forms Services Data Objects

5) Forms Services Deployment

6) Forms Services Object Model

7) Forms Services Runtime

8) Forms Services Runtime –Business Logic

and set the each category’s least critical event to the event log is “Information” and Least critical event to report to the trace log “verbose”.


I have found the following error message in the ULS logs :-

11/16/2009 14:04:34.44 OWSTIMER.EXE (0x08D0) 0x096C Forms Server Forms Services Deployment 74na Medium The assembly Microsoft.SharePoint.dll from form template TaskForm.xsn(urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:TaskForm:-myXSD-2009-02-17T15-31-37) conflicts with a same named assembly in form template ApproverList.xsn(urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:ApproverList:-myXSD-2008-12-04T18-53-53).

The reason behind this error message is that at the time of deployment of the wsp package of the workflow, InfoPath from doesn't get deployed successfully. The package contain "Micosoft.Sharepoint.dll" from the 32 bit machine which comes from  development machine of InfoPath from.

To resolve this, I followed the following steps :-

To delete the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll from packaging folder we have to perform the following steps

1) Open the InfoPath form in the Design form.

2)  Go to Tool -> Programming -> Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Application (Alt + Shift + F12)

3) Select  the local assembly which is coming up with InfoPath deployment. In my case it is "Microsoft.SharePoint.dll" .

4) Go to Properties and select the "Copy Local" Attribute and set it to "False".

Copy Local