Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview Now – For Free!

If you have a Windows Phone 8 device, you can get your hands on the new Windows Phone 8.1 preview for free if you sign up for a developer account.

Use the following instructions to update your device!

Important notes

There are a few key items that you must understand before you update your phone:

  • After you install a preview update, you may void any warranty from your mobile operator and OEM.
  • A preview update only includes the Microsoft portion of the update; mobile operator and OEM driver updates will be available when the official update for your phone is available.
  • You cannot revert or return to a prior operating system release version after you have updated your phone to a preview update. We will move you forward to a "released state," but we cannot take you back to a prior "released state."
  • This process will take between 30-90 minutes (depending on network bandwidth) during which your phone will not be usable, please schedule accordingly
  • Make sure you plug your phone into a charger or are fully charged before starting


Sign up for a Developer Preview Account

Note: Perform these steps on any computer, these do not have to be done on your Windows Phone



Register as a developer with App Studio – Free, and create apps to run on your own Windows Phones


Click "Start New Project"

Sign-in with the same Microsoft account that is registered on the Windows Phone you wish to upgrade


Agree to the access request

Agree to the Windows Phone App Studio Agreement.


Click Register

You do not need to proceed any further at this stage, you should be prompted with a request to select a template for your first application.


You should also receive an email that welcomes you as a Windows Phone app developer.


Feel free to develop some apps, but you do not need to do so to get access to the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview… simply progress to the next steps below J




Install Preview for Developers onto Your Windows Phone Device

Note: Perform these steps on your Windows Phone



Download the Windows Phone 8.1 update package on the Windows Phone you wish to upgrade


Or search the Microsoft Store for "Preview for Developers"


Install the application

Launch the "Preview for Developers" application.


Click "Next"

Accept Terms and Conditions

Login with the Microsoft Account (MSA) that you previously registered as a developed account and is the same MSA that is registered on this device.

Check the "Enable Preview for Developers" checkbox and click done…

You should see the following screenshot if all has gone well J

Open the settings app on your Windows Phone Device, Open Phone Update and tap Check for Updates


Note: You may have to go through this process a number of times as updates are applied. Follow each updates instructions and after each one, check back on the Phone Update app until your phone reports that it is up to date.


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