.NET Micro Framework Roadmap

I have been procrastinating putting this blog out as we have been getting feedback form our users and firming up our plans but now things seem to be jelling so here it is.

We are working on a version 4.1 release that includes (pending any last minute contributions):

  • VS 2010 support
  • The Hashtable proposed on the netmf.com discussion and contributed by Eric Harlow
  • Open Source TCP/IP and SSL
  • DPWS enhancements
  • Big Endian support

The Open Source TCP/IP stack is the LWIP stack with OpenSSL.  These two Open Source stack elements will be available under the BSD license rather than the Apache 2.0 license that we use for the rest of the product.  We are in discussions with EBSNet about continuing to have their full featured and supported commercial stack available.  More on that later.  The current crypto binaries will also continue to be available for anyone using them. 

There are several more processor ports on the way.  I will not steal our partners' thunder by pre-announcing those but there are some very interesting new additions coming. 

Going Forward:

  1. We have gotten feedback that the process for contributing features to the core codebase is not clear.  We are working on that issue.
  2. We will make version 4.1 available at the Microsoft Download Center as before.  We will continue to make approximately annual releases through that channel.  After version 4.1, we will also have teh evolving codebase and issue tracking database on Codeplex so that you can get the most current drop or the last major drop - whichever works best for your needs.

Let me know if you have any questions.