New NETMF Book out for v4.1 and v4.2

PGNTMF 1 250

Some of our earliest partners from SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions - Sean Liming and John Malin - have written a book on the latest versions of NETMF.  The book is targeted at the professional audience, hence the name - “Professional's Guide To .NET Micro Framework Application Development”,but generic enough for anyone.  The book provides a thorough background followed by treatments on the processing loop (threads, priorities, etc), hardware interfaces (Serial, PWM, GPIO, A/D, Ethernet), Graphical User Interface, file IO, and more

The book comes with a ton of projects (over 40) that give you an assisted tour of how to make things work.  The projects are targeted at a variety of available platforms which is great. There is also nearly 5 meg of compressed Visual Studio 2010 solutions to support the hands on projects. 

Whether you want to get a thorough introduction to NETMF or if you just need a reference to remind yourself what the thread priorities are and how they work, it looks like a great addition to your book shelf.

To be clear, the book covers NETMF application development well but does not address porting the platform to another set of hardware.

Also, the book is currently only available for the Kindle with a bound version coming in the near future. 

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