New Sample Code posted

Our engineers have been busy coding in the backrooms to make more sample code available for you. You can now find an updated Presentation Sample as well as a new Temperature Sample.


Here are the descriptions and links to each sample -

New Presentation Sample Code

The New Presentation sample is an enhanced version of the Presentation sample included with the .NET Micro Framework SDK. Its purpose is to illustrate how to use the .NET Micro Framework GUI framework. This sample has been enhanced with an animated “sliding menu” system and two new panel screens, one containing a scrolling text view and one illustrating free drawing on the display.

Temperature Sample Code

The Temperature sample demonstrates the use of a custom emulator component with the .NET Micro Framework extensible emulator. The custom component simulates a temperature sensor, obtaining the current “temperature” from a control displayed in the emulator window. This sample contains two Visual Studio solution files: one for the custom emulator and component, the other for a thermostat application that runs in this emulator.