Open Source Network Monitor Parsers

With the release of Network Monitor 3.2 we plan to do all of our parser development as an open source project on We will be releasing parser packages for Microsoft Protocols on a regular schedule. All parser issues will be tracked, assigned, and fixed on CodePlex first. Then on a regular schedule, we will post a new installer package which will update your NM3.2 parsers.

Open Documentation = Open Parsers

In the beginning of this year we released the documentation of all the Windows Protocols on With NM3.2, we have also created parsers for most of the released protocol documentation. And as time passes, we will continue to update the released parsers as well as introduce new parsers.

3rd Party Development Welcome

So now it’s your turn to contribute. If you see a problem with a parser or decide that there’s a better way to describe the data, you can file an Issue Report against the parser and track it through CodePlex. If the change is implemented, the next install of the Microsoft Parsers will contain your change. You will also have access to the latest version of the NPL if you want to integrate it manually.

Also, if there’s a parser you want to share with the community, you can share your parsers here as well. We will be providing information on how to build a parser package as well as providing guidance on how to test your parsers. And the main project page will be updated to list all available packages.

Stay Tuned

Since the parsers will release with NM3.2 as well, the first release of a parser only package will happen sometime soon after. We are currently shooting for a monthly release cycle. You should see the first parser package posted in October 2008. Stay tuned to that site for updates and announcements.